Sentimental September!

We love to hear stories about how people come to have jewellery given to them whether it be a gift, a family heirloom OR perhaps your style has changed over the years...

Whatever the reason, jewellery is made to be worn, so dust off that unworn piece and tell us what you'd like to have done to it so you can wear it again with pride!
It may be that you like the style and you are sentimental about keeping its original design but it requires a restoration or perhaps you would like to use the gold and gemstones from a piece and make something completely new?

Remodeled Bangle from a Diamond Wedding Band
To be in with a chance to win this giveaway all you need to do is:

- Like our page
- Post up a pic of your unworn jewellery
- Tell us a little bit about the piece and why you don't wear it often or at all
- Tell us what you'd like us to do with it if we could restore or remake it into a new piece for you
We will do a live draw to win this giveaway on the 30th of September 2018!
The winner can choose to restore ONE jewellery piece or we can design ONE new piece of jewellery utilising mulitple existing jewellery pieces you own, the offer is limited to your existing Metal and Gemstones.
Should you wish to add additional gold or gemstones, we can quote these additions for you. e.g a remake from a wedding band set with diamonds into a bangle with your diamonds would require additional gold.