Our Jewellery Design Process

Each custom made piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted by our experienced team of Jewellers.

Years of design experience in creating unique one off designs and coupled with a significant design library are the catalysts that will set you on your way to creating a jewellery masterpiece that is uniquely yours.  

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1. It starts with an appointment

The first step of the design process is to book an appointment with us in our Jewellery Boutique to explore ideas and inspiration. 
We discuss gem stones and metals along with timeframes and budget before we look to start on a concept.

2. Then a concept design commences

That vision then starts to take shape with a concept drawing while you wait, we have experienced designers that specialise in 3D rendering.
There is no obligation to purchase at this point and from here we can then go and put together the necessary information to finalise a quote.

Jewellery Design Consultation at Richard James Jeweller Personalised Design Consulation at Richard James Jeweller

3. A quote is presented

Upon presentation of a quote, should you wish to go ahead a 30% deposit is paid at this point.

4. Gem selection

We have various contacts worldwide when it comes to sourcing that perfect gem. As Diamond experts we source our highest quality diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium - the Diamond Capital of the World where the majority of the worlds diamonds are traded - should you choose to have us handpick an Antwerp Diamond for you we make regular trips when we have orders to fill.(more information on Antwerp Diamonds here).

There is a skill to looking at a diamond and we invite you to take a closer look at a gem whilst we explain the art of Diamond cutting and how the facets radiate light.

5. Finalise Design and Model

At this point we will confirm our working drawings and depending on the value and/or complexity of the design we may include a 3D design model of your piece.  A model is a great way to ensure you are completely happy with the design.  The prototype is 100% true to scale and you can visualise how the finished piece will look. 
You may choose to have a model made for any piece for a small fee.  This ensures great peace of mind.


6.Jewellers commence creating your piece

The process of turning Gold and Gemstones into wearable art. The process varies from piece to piece with more traditional methods such as wax carving,welding,soldering and crafting, along with modern processes such as CAD design, before preparing the ring for the stone setting.


7. Stones are set

The process of securely attaching the gems to your piece of jewellery. There are many ways your stone can be set - bead, pave,claw, gyspy, channel and tension settings to name a few.  The style of setting is determined by your own unique sense of style and sets off the gems beautifully.  Once the stones are set, our jewellers hand finish and polish your piece ready to be valued.

8. The finished piece

And finally a finished piece!  It twinkles and sparkles as you dreamed of and includes a valuation and lifetime guarantee on workmanship.


Custom made pieces can take from days to weeks, it really depends on the complexity of the design and the sourcing of gems. 
We estimate 3-4 week average time frame to manufacture your jewellery and would recommend generously allowing 2 months from the moment you book a consult to the day in which we hand over your new piece.

Our ongoing commitment to you

As your jeweller, we will maintain the shine and condition of your piece of jewellery for its lifetime at no charge, we recommend 6-12 monthly checks and will remind you when you need to arrange an updated valuation in order to keep your insurance company happy.  It is important to keep your valuation current as insurance companys have been known not to pay out on jewellery items without current valuations.


We invite you to book a consultation with us

Together we can create a design as individual as you

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