Antwerp Diamond Specialists

We are extremely proud of the fact that we are certified Antwerp Diamond Brokers.  This allows us to make regular diamond buying trips to Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world.

Antwerp  - The Diamond Capital of the World

80% of the world’s diamonds are traded here. This allows us to act as your “personal broker” and buy diamonds with significant savings on retail prices. 

Because of the enormous choice of top-quality diamonds available in Antwerp, we can easily locate the perfect diamond for you in the exact size, shape, quality, and price that you wish.  And I can deliver it to you at a truly substantial saving.

This special service is available to you because my store is a member of the Nationwide Jewellers buying group, which is associated with the worlds largest Jewellery Buying Group with over 1400 members.  They make it possible for us to deal directly with Antwerp’s leading diamond cutters and save you the hefty importer and distributor costs.

So if you would like to own a spectacular diamond and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime savings, get in contact and we can talk further.

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