April Birthstone - The Diamond

April Birthstone - The Diamond

April 04, 2018



If Jewellery is really your thing then some might say that April is the best month to have a birthday! 

The Diamond is the birthstone for April and its the most prized birthstone of all!

For those who place significance on a birthstone, it is said that wearing a diamond will make you happy in your relationship, more successful at work and help you build internal strength.  Other benefits are said to be mental clarity, balance and prosperity.

2 carat diamondsDiamond Engagement Ring

There are many theories about diamonds, some say that perhaps they were created by lightening bolts or they are the tears of the gods this is where the belief that they may have healing powers originated from.  It was thought that they could help cure brain disease or draw toxins from the blood.

Historically the Diamond was first made popular in India but these days its the most widely known as the stone of an engagement ring as a symbol of eternal and lasting love.

The diamond also is the stone that traditionally signifies a 60th and 75th Wedding Anniversary!

A Diamond is the hardest gemstone of all and made solely of carbon.  This makes it 58 times harder than anything else in nature and it can only be cut with another Diamond.

Its unique properties means it has the most lustre of any gemstone - you just can't get that 'diamond sparkle' anywhere else!

You have probably heard of the 4C's of Diamonds.

The most important when it comes to a Diamonds beauty. Professional Diamond cutters take great care to cut the diamond to the best quality possible. The more precise the cut the more captivating it is to the eye.
There are many different cuts that are popular today such as the Princess, Emerald, Round Brilliant, Oval and Radiant to name a few.

White Diamonds range from colourless to a light yellow/brown.  Colourless diamonds being the rarest and of the highest value.

Coloured Diamonds do have a different grading system and come in a variety of colours such as yellow, pink and blue and range in colour intensity.  The more saturated the colour the higher the value when it comes to a coloured diamond.

Diamonds have internal characteristics called inclusions and external characteristics called blemishes.  The less inclusions or blemishes a diamond has the more valuable and rare it is considered.  These characteristics generally can only be seen under magnification.

The carat is the Diamond weight.  One carat is 0.200grams and is subdivided into 100 points.  

For more information on the 4C's click here


Antwerp in Belgium is heralded as the 'Diamond Capital of the World" and where 80% of the worlds diamonds are traded.  If you are in the market for a diamond, this is where the best diamonds can be purchased. 

Antwerp Diamond Brokers

 As Antwerp Diamond Brokers, we are skilled in grading and sourcing the very best diamonds. We travel to Antwerp to hand select the perfect diamond for you!  

If you are thinking of how you can get your hands on a beautiful high quality diamond for a unique piece of jewellery whether it be for engagement, anniversary, a special gift or for yourself then Diamond month is a great time to talk to us!










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