2019 Jewellery Trends

2019 Jewellery Trends

January 15, 2019


Words that are regularly being used when talking about the latest jewellery trends for 2019.

If you are fashion forward and influenced by the ever-changing trends in fashion that come and go then you must know that its all about the "statement piece" in 2019.

Styles to be worn together, more layering of necklaces and coloured gemstone rings creating a lustrous pop of colour. 

Hoop Earrings are back in but bigger and bolder than before and Personalised Jewellery that you can make your own along with custom made unique pieces.

Celestial Jewellery is also making a comeback so if you are 'starry' eyed then 2019 is your year!

As much as mixed colours of gemstones in jewellery will be popular this year, Diamonds are always a girls best friend, but whatever the stone, precious or semi precious the focus is on natural ethically sourced stones of great quality.

If you would like to talk more to us about creating a unique piece that is on-trend for 2019 then get in contact for chat with us today.

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